Impressum and Disclaimer

A. Trading corporates and their partners need protection against:

Risks in strategic positioning and trade-counterpart selection, in operational flows, as in organisational, managerial and staff issues.

Risks to assets and income streams, financial hazards and other loss or fraud.

Risks from the use (or the absence) of technological support, electronic interfacing and interacting with third parties.

Risks from internal and external (inter-corporate) collaborative work-, decision- and information-flows.

B. Banks feel increasing pressures

Risks from cost and competition.

And, currently, strategic changes are enforced by the financial crisis:
The return of the commercial banking product bundle into focus is imminent with the dwindling income streams from capital markets activities.

Many institutions re-discover their "old virtues", servicing the real economy. Business which, over the past two decades, had lost flavor and now suddenly finds itself to be most fiercely fought about.

With many banks it all depends, now, on the ability to swiftly (re-)gain strength and service leadership in the tradional banking products.

To have such risks, opportunities and the fit of solutions explored, judged and mastered, it requires solid external and independent expertise.

Experienced commercial banking knowledge, free of routine-blindness, helps to  discover swiftly the spots deserving attention, concern and consideration in strategy, operation, organizational and financial structures and flows.

Anatomizing questions and analytical screening by a constructive critic helps pinpoint the issues which are better taken care of early to avoid risks which not only clients would be unhappy about, but also shareholders/owners.